Dr. Dava Nichol, PT, DPT, E-RYT

Physical Therapist | Yoga Instructor | Yoga Alliance Certified Educational Provider


Founder of Med Flow Yoga


Bachelor of Health Science


Doctorate of Physical Therapy


500hr Registered Yoga Teacher


Studying Functional Medicine

Physical Therapy

Understanding of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems and how they relate to pain and dysfunction

Yoga Instruction

Achieving optimal wellness through mind-body techniques that boost quality of life while limiting disease

Functional Medicine

Studying environments impact on gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune system function

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  • Finding Balance in Yoga Therapy w/ Dr. Dava Nichol. PT Quest

My Story

At 17 years old, I experienced my first of many traumatic injuries. Taking me out of a world I had known my entire life and sidelining me from sporting activities as I rehabilitated in physical therapy.

Soon yoga became the only exercise I could practice without risk of damage or re-injury. Yet after recovery, I found myself returning to my practice to heal the anxiety and depression I experienced in my adolescent years. 

This transformation drove me to pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 500hr Yoga Certification, and study of Functional Medicine so that I could begin bridging the gap between yoga and healthcare. 

I cannot wait to lead your journey as you discover the unlimited potential and beauty already inside you. 

With love and gratitude,

Dava Nichol

My Values & Beliefs


High Quality of Care

My passion for helping and serving others goes instinctively with providing my students, patients, and clients with the highest possible quality of care I can provide.  


Lifelong Learning

We are forever students of the environment we live in. My pledge to this means going above and beyond the required continuing education to be of greater service to myself and others.


Selfless Service

Otherwise known as Seva, a commitment to giving back to the community and honoring those in need. Leading me to help teachers make yoga more accessible in hospitals, cancer centers, and schools.

The MFY Approach

Heal. Transform. Ignite.

In order to serve others, we must first HEAL ourselves. The commitment starts within. Diving into our thoughts, our patterns, our passions, and overall needs. Uncovering where we shut down and where we can best position ourselves for change. 

Only then can we openly TRANSFORM and allow our true intention to come forward. This part is not always easy. It requires constant awareness and striving for growth within ourselves while being mindful of the environment we live in.

After tuning into our true identity, we can start to IGNITE the inner drive to spread light to those around us. Med Flow Yoga strives in bringing selfless service to our community and to those in need, as often as we can while respecting our limitations.