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“Dava is amazing! I learned so much in-depth knowledge on so many yoga poses, the alignment, posture, modifications, and adjustments. I completely recommend beginner and intermediate level yogis to benefit from the love that Dava has to offer for yoga and the knowledge.”

Cindy B (YTT Graduate)

“Every weekend was a fascinating experience of learning and understanding anatomy and all of the aspects of yoga. All the homework and reading during the weekdays was absolutely worth it. My view of yoga is different now. I am glad I took this training with Med Flow Yoga. Forever grateful, Dava.”

Alma L (YTT Graduate)

“Yoga Teacher Training was no doubt a life-transforming journey. Since the first day that we introduced each other, I felt such a positive energy in the room. Dava’s warmth and patience really helped me open up and get out of my comfort zone. Being able to share and get personal with a group of girls who are there for the same purpose as you, learning with you and opening up was really something. I will forever be grateful to share so many amazing memories with these girls who I can now call my lifelong friends.”

Fabi S (YTT Graduate)

From Student to Teacher

Looking to Expand Your Practice? But Don’t Know Where to Start?

We strive in taking your practice to the next level through yoga based immersions in Costa Rica. Our trainings are designed to promote rapid healing and growth within ones personal practice and teachings.

What makes Med Flow Yoga different?

Highly Structured & Research Based

Focused on giving you access to the most efficient resources, so that you can learn yoga concepts for injury prevention and optimal wellness.

Flexible Approach to Learning

Trainings are divided into three separate modules to allow students to learn at their own pace and fully engage with their level of practice.

Integrative Technology

Using the latest visual technology to understand human movement, anatomy, & physiology in relation to a yoga practice makes learning a breeze.

200 Hour Training Program

Online | Level 1 | Level 2

Online Course:  Intro to Yoga Foundations

This is a 20 hour online immersion class focused on yoga posture breakdown & philosophy. This is the foundation of our teacher training program but open to anyone interested in transformation.

ONLINE ONLY With Dr. Dava Nichol

Level 1:  Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

This 3 day workshop will feature a weekend immersion focused on hands on learning and application to better understand the movements that serve our yoga practice. 

3 DAY WORKSHOP With Dr. Dava Nichol

Level 2:  Teaching Methods

This features a 16 day yoga destination training currently offered in two amazing locations. Join us in either Tulum or Costa Rica for an unforgetable journey into sequencing, adjustments & yoga teaching methods.

16 DAY TRAINING With Dr. Dava Nichol

2020 Training Schedule

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Online Course: Intro to Yoga Foundations

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer




Level 1: Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Jan 3-5


Level 1: Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Jan 10-12


Level 1: Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Jan 24-26

Phoenix, AZ

Level 1: Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Feb 7-9


Level 1: Anatomy, Alignment & Injury Prevention

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Feb 21-23

San Diego

Level 2: Teaching Methods

By Dava Nichol, Lead Trainer


Mar 7-22


The MFY Approach

Heal. Transform. Ignite. In order to serve others, we must first HEAL ourselves. The commitment starts within. Diving into our thoughts, our patterns, our passions, and overall needs. Uncovering where we shut down and where we can best position ourselves for change. Only then can we openly TRANSFORM and allow our true intention to come forward. This part is not always easy. It requires constant awareness and striving for growth within ourselves while being mindful of the environment we live in. After tuning into our true identity, we can start to IGNITE the inner drive to spread light to those around us. Med Flow Yoga strives in bringing selfless service to our community and to those in need, as often as we can while respecting our limitations.

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How to Get Started

Apply Today

Once the online application is fulfilled you will receive an email letting you know of your application status.  Save this email for your records and use the link provided to access the online payment center.

Reserve Your Spot

A $250 deposit is required to reserve your spot for training. This will allow you to use the flexible payment system to find a plan that works for you. Payment will be due in full 30 days prior to training.

Access your Course

Once your deposit is complete, you will receive an email giving you access to your FREE online course. It is highly recommended that you complete this course prior to the Level 1 training as preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete Level 1 + 2 Trainings in 1 trip?
Absolutely, our trainings were designed to allow you to have flexibility with your schedule. You can take back-to-back or spread out the trainings. Whatever you would like.
Can I take Level 2 prior to Level 1?
Due to the nature and organization of our trainings, all students must complete Level 1 prior to Level 2. However, a test out option will be available for current yoga teachers who wish to complete Level 2 only.
How long should I practice before attending?
Everybody is different. Some students can practice for a few weeks and jump into training and others it may take years before they feel ready. Our online Foundations Course is designed to prepare even beginner yogi’s to transition into an immersion experience with 5 half hour sessions to build strength and endurance.
How long can I space out between Level 1 and 2?
Flexibility is our specialty here at Med Flow Yoga. Whether you want to deepen your practice or become a teacher you can do so at your convenience. You have the option to finish in 3 weeks or spread out over 2 years.
I'm already a 200RYT. Can I retake with MFY?
We recommend you do. Current practicing RYT’s will benefit greatly from this course if their previous course was not hosted by a medical professional. Med Flow Yoga specializes in taking teachers to a higher standard in yoga education.
Is this training Yoga Alliance Certified?
Yes, we are a certified Yoga Alliance School. Students will earn a 200hr certificate and have the option to register with Yoga Alliance following completion of Level 1+2 trainings.

Still have questions? No problem. Email [email protected]